Hort Innovation Director Nomination Committee
Final Call 

As every levy payer should now be aware of the change to the Hort Innovation (HIA) constitution where there is a requirement that a levy payer sits on the Director Nomination committee (DNC), the application period for this is almost complete. 5 pm May 18, 2018 is the closing time.

Why should you express an interest in this role?

Because Hort Innovation is a levy payer owned company and as such, levy payers should have a say in how the company is run and the way to do that is to make sure the right people are elected to the Board.  People who understand growers, their issues and their opportunities, people who understand our levy system and our research & development needs- so the best way to make sure we have the right people on the board is to have the right people on the DNC.

The Voice of Horticulture along with the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources have conducted information sessions in every state of Australia over the past 2 weeks. Even if you were not able to attend any of these sessions you can still put in an expression of interest to be considered for this role.

Eligibility is as follows:
If you are primarily liable to pay a levy that funds the Research & Development (R&D) or Marketing investments of Hort Innovation and you are not a Director of Hort Innovation, you are eligible to be appointed to the committee. For clarity, levies are collected by the Australian Government and provided to Hort Innovation for investment in R&D activities for the following industries:

Some of these industries also pay a Marketing levy which is likewise collected by the Australian Government and provided to Hort Innovation for investment in Marketing programs.  Please note that you are not an eligible levy payer if you collect levies from horticultural producer/s and remit them to the Government on behalf of the producer/s.

Further information including commonly asked questions can be found on our website www.voiceofhorticulture.org.au. Alternatively, please contact admin@voiceofhorticulture.org.au or contact Tania Chapman on 0428 291 717

Please remember, if we do not take advantage of this opportunity to have input where we can, then it makes it make it very difficult to have any opinions expressed on the matter heard in the future.


Kind Regards,

Tania Chapman

Chair Voice of Horticulture